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A Cultural, Educational and Humanitarian project !
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10-13 May 2017, Bandol

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Taoumé organizes the World Schools Festival that will take place at the Cultural Center in Bandol, Wednesday 10th through Saturday 13th of May 2017.

This event will consist of various animations and lectures on the theme of ”World Schools”.

We formed a group of ”
Young Reporters” who help prepare this Festival by realizing interviews, photo and video reports, and by communicating directly with the ”World Schools”.

Anyone wishing to get involved in the project (Humanitarian Associations, Schools, Lecturers…) can get in touch with us.

Event’s purposes are :
To discover the operating mode of primary schools from all over the world • To contribute to raising awareness about the existing inequalites • To create links and increase exchanges between different countries • To understand differences and similarities between schools !

During these four days we will be hosting activities for all ages:

games and quizzes
about the schools
and about their differences

humanitarian volunteers
and organizations showcase
about education, discussions

video and photo reports
students life highlighting
from of over the world

copybooks and textbooks
other objects or documents
from schools around the world

Schools of the World participation

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© K.Rosales - Russia
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© M.Duvauchel - Cambodia
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© E.Curcio - Senegal
We are looking forward to representing as many countries as possible, in order to give an overview of Education around the world.

Does your primary school want to participate to the ”World Schools Festival”

To register your school, please fill in this
online form.

You will be in contact with a group of ”Young Reporters” made up of students who are members of Taoumé Association. Their mission is to realize interviews and edit reports about the ”World Schools”. They will send you their questions and will answer yours. These conversations may be carried out by Email or Skype… and this exchange can be extended to a class of french students, if you wish.

To prepare this event, we would like to know more about school routines, students life, and your primary school specificities. We will collect these informations all throughout the school year.

We will then be able to showcase your school at the Festival !
Thank you in advance for your participation…

For more informations, please
contact us